When last did you communicate with a colleague over more than one platform (Email, WhatsApp, Online Meetings etc)? We see too many teams falling prey to confused communication. It is critical for leaders to foster an organizational culture that enables a positive work ethic to be put into practice, one that allows for effective communication. High-Performance Leadership can enable this, but there are important rules in order to apply it effectively. 

The Causes of Confused Communication

  • Unstructured electronic collaboration through the use of multiple platforms (ie: Email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, Teams).
  • Non-consolidated data stored across multiple IT systems.
  • Inefficient meetings that are irregular, have poor attendance and don’t track minutes.
  • Limited visibility on Projects that are reviewed in non-standardised forums.
  • Decisions that are unstructured and lack management and accountability.

What Characterises a High Performance Leadership System (HPL)?

  • It ensures timely and necessary discussions,
  • where accurate and relevant data is captured.
  • decisions and actions are noted,
  • information is provided in short feedback loops, and
  • accountability is maintained by standardised, efficient and transparent communication.

6 Rules to Apply a High-Performance Leadership System in Your Organization:


HPL must be generic across the organization, it should be used from the CEO to the shop floor.


Attendance at forums and meetings is essential, people talk to people, eyeball to eyeball, not via e-mail.


Values such as respect, performance, integrity and accountability should be ingrained in attendee behaviour.


Discipline regarding time, attendance, agenda ,recording, preparation and participation is important.


A cross functional approach with constructive discussions which are recorded as actions/tasks to encourage a delivery culture.


Short feedback cycles to review performance allows for progressive momentum.

With a quality HPL system in place, leadership is augmented, not replaced.

Activios is a HPL system that provides a powerful integrated structure within which the management system can operate efficiently.

Time to adopt a HPL System?

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