Towards a Winning Culture

Collaborate effectively in complex business environments

About Activios

Founded in 2013,  Activios uses proven high-performance leadership principles, performance enhancement methodologies and technological enablement. 

Painstakingly developed by experienced business leaders, Activios ensures that, at all levels, the right people, with the right information, have necessary timeous discussions. They make appropriate decisions, capture correct actions with short feedback loops, maintaining accountability within a standardised, efficient and transparent system due to the use of relevant information. 

Perhaps you have the latest technology, the most advanced and cutting-edge workplace, however the organisation still needs a high-performance culture.

The 3 Principles

The art (and science) for creating this environment is based on three principles:


Inform expectations and actions through access to relevant and timeous data across the organisation.


Engage management and employees through frequent, focused and action-orientated communication.


Empower individuals and teams through transparency, accountability and responsibility.

Our Process

Activios is for organisations that need a centralised solution for the effective recording, tracking and measurement of service and operational-based strategies and their associated activities.

01 Business mapping

Mapping business process and organisational structure to establish integrated management focus.

02 Configuration and setup

Configuring and setting up parameters across business KPIs, forums and meetings, projects, actions and takes.

03 Implementation

Testing, training and implementing roll-out of integrated and configured centralised platform.

04 Support

Support and training to ensure continued user adoption and application.

05 Enhancements

Continuous improvements and system updates and enhancements.

Meet The Team

Niels Andersen

Niels Andersen

Managing Director

Niels’ tenure as Manufacturing Operations Manager for Mercedes-Benz SA, coupled with over 13 years of international consultation, has given him deep insight into organisational culture and people performance.

Dave Sokolich

Dave Sokolich

Technical Director

Dave is an experienced IT professional skilled in product development, business processes improvement, KPI management, international SAP ERP template development and application architecture. He excels at project management and has a strong business development focus.

Aubrey Bahula

Aubrey Bahula

Principal SSA, ZA

Aubrey has a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Masters in Business Administration. 

He excels at achieving organisational strategic objectives in industries such as automotive, retail & wholesale, logistics sectors and management consulting.

Stephen Goold

Stephen Goold

Senior Consultant

Stephen is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Engineering. He worked at Mercedes-Benz SA for 29 years gaining experience in Maintenance, Production, Lean Manufacturing as well as Training and Development. Stephen enjoys project management, problem solving and finding innovative solutions.

Enabling people to collaborate effectively in complex business environments.

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