Activios Features

Collaborate effectively in complex business environments

The Platform

Activios enables people to collaborate effectively in complex business environments. 

01 Track and Manage Activity

02 Templates Workflows and SLAs

03 Connectivity and Control

04 Scalable and Cost Effective

05 Not Industry Specific

05 Measure Performance

Centralised solution

Activios is for organisations that need a centralised solution for the effective recording, tracking and measurement of service and operational based strategies and their associated activities.

It is a management enabler, it provides leaders with easy-to-use technology that allows for:

  • Effective process and operational management
  • Practical implementation of best practice processes
  • Centralised system operating across the organisation
  • Building organisational intelligence over time
  • Configured according to an organisation’s needs
  • Organisational performance management
  • Ability to make improvements in service delivery
  • Organisational-aligned system terminology that your organisation knows and understands.

Log into a collaborative process-based environment

Activios supports communication, recording, tracking and management.

The entire organisation is able to log into a collaborative process-based environment, using a single system for multi-level user and departmental integration of daily operational, service, project and strategy-based activities.

Knowledge capital is captured and secured

Activios is scalable and cost-effective. Knowledge capital is captured and secured, further enhancing the ability of the organisation to deliver uninterrupted superior sustainable performance.

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