Today, our reality is a fast-paced, technologically advanced and competitive world. The ability for people to communicate with each other in a meaningful and productive way has been compromised.

This lack of meaningful communication and connection are felt in a plethora of ways but a leading concern is management inefficiencies.

Management inefficiencies translate into many forms

No consolidation

Data! It is readily available, hugely sought after due to the insight it offers. However, more and more we see that the data is not consolidated within organisational information technology systems. Data that has not been consolidated and presented in a way that is informative or offers organisational insight.

Lack of structure

Email, workflow, IT Applications and Facebook. There are too many systems, with little or no structure in place, meaning that the collaboration is ineffective.

When people are managed effectively and what is expected of them is communicated in a concise manner,organisations start to reap the rewards. However, the opposite stands true too.

If meetings lack structure, are irregular and are poorly attended, the fallout of is felt in decision-making, action management and accountability.  

No transparency

If projects have limited visibility and are reviewed in a non-standardised forum, organisational performance will lag. To achieve a high-performance work environment, transparency and flexibility are vital.

The organizations  should collectively share a strategic direction and common organisational culture with communication freely transversing the organisational hierarchy.

Lack of ability

One employee’s ability, compared to another, varies with the amount of training and experience the employee receives at any given time.

However, in order to achieve a high-performance culture, support, coaching and training are vital.

Each employee should have the skills, knowledge and resources to assist the organisation with moving towards the next level of organisational excellence.

The good news

These inefficiencies may sound too familiar. However, a high-performance culture is still possible. A management system like Activios promotes high-performance leadership, as it provides a integrated structure within which the management system can operate very efficiently.

It ensures that at all levels, the right people have the timeous and necessary discussions using relevant information. They are then armed with the knowledge to make appropriate decisions, are able to capture actions, information and decisions.  Short feedback loops maintain accountability in a standardised, efficient and transparent manner.

The result? Superior sustained business operations.